Tata Comms pares back latency

Tata Communications claims to be able to offer near real-time levels of latency, after deploying a lag busting multipoint Ethernet platform.
The Indian firm’s low latency network links Asia, the UK and US, and is primarily designed for use by financial traders throughout those markets. Tata Comms claims the network can complete secure transactions in milliseconds, and measures latency every five minutes up to two decimals after the millisecond range from point-of-presence.
John Hoffman, head of Ethernet product management at the firm, says the new network also meets growing demand for low-latency communications from non-financial firms. “Global financial trading firms initially drove the need for this solution, as every millisecond of latency is critical for trading. However, due to the rising complexity and importance of specific mission-critical applications, we are also seeing an uptake in demand for similar levels of latency from a growing range of sectors and businesses,” he states.
Tata is utilizing its own Provider Backbone Bridging technology rather than MPLS, and claims the new network offers savings of up to 35% on circuit and operations costs.