Tata takes LTE global

Tata Communications has launched a new global managed LTE roaming service for mobile network operators worldwide.
The India-based international network operator said it aims to simplify global roaming complexity, by enabling operators to provide 4G roaming services through a single point of interconnect.
The service is designed to eliminate the need for operators to separately negotiate hundreds of bilateral peer agreements. It will use Tata's Diameter Signalling eXchange and IPX Connect platforms for routing traffic.
Tata said it had spent the last 18 months trialling the service with vendors, to ensure it works with their various Diameter implementations.
LTE roaming activity is building up steam as LTE rollouts accelerate worldwide.
Australia's Telstra last month launched LTE roaming between its domestic network and that of Hong Kong subsidiary CSL. The operator is planning to negotiate more such agreements with other international mobile operators.

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