TD/FDD VoLTE call completed

China Mobile, Huawei and SK Telecom have achieved another milestone in TD-LTE development, completing the first international VoLTE call between a TD-LTE and an FDD LTE network.
The companies announced they have jointly demonstrated both international HD voice and video calls using the two operators' VoLTE networks.
During the video call, China Mobile vice president Li Zhengmao said the demonstration is a key step in its efforts to accelerate VoLTE commercialization and TD-LTE adoption internationally.
“China Mobile attaches great importance to VoLTE development. In June of this year, China Mobile's President Li Yue released a VoLTE white paper and made it clear that China Mobile will achieve VoLTE commercialization by the end of 2014,” he said.
“This VoLTE voice and video interaction has great strategic significance and will help further promote support of the VoLTE solution in the global LTE industry.”
China Mobile, with help from Huawei, conducted the first national TD-LTE VoLTE call in September. In July, the two companies also conducted the first TD-LTE based eSRVCC handover test.
China Mobile might launch commercial TD-LTE services as early as December 18.