Telecom Italia could increase wholesale fees

Italy’s regulator is demanding Telecom Italia upgrades its current copper network and bring its Next Generation Network closer to European standards, before allowing the telco to increase wholesale charges.
Agcom revealed the conditions Friday, when it unveiled a public consultation on the price of unbundling, Bitstream access, and wholesale line rental charges for the period May 1 through to end 2012.
Under Agcom’s proposals, Telecom Italia would be allowed to charge €8.70 per month for unbundling from May 1 to end-2010; €9.26 from Jan 2011; and €9.67 from Jan 2012.
The regulator says it is aiming to ensure quality broadband access for all players, including end-users.
“The need for an access network that includes the broadband services to citizens is a primary need for the country,” it states.
Changes must be approved by the European Commission before being submitted to Agcom’s Council of the Authority for the Communications for final approval.
Telecom Italia’s stock fell 1.4 cents to €1.12 on the back of the news, Bloomberg reports

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