Telecom Italia focuses on remote monitoring

Italy is vying for a leading position in Web 3.0, with incumbent Telecom Italia establishing a semantics research center in one of the country’s leading R&D sites.
The telco’s Semantics and Knowledge Innovation Lab (SKIL) will research and develop information communication technologies covering healthcare, Web 3.0, smart cities and spaces, intelligent power usage and transport, as designated by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).
Telecom Italia has established the lab in Italy’s only EIT-approved ICT knowledge center, located in the region of Trento, and will make the area a hub for remote intelligent monitoring systems. The telco will leverage its expertise to develop semantic analysis mechanisms to process text and audiovisual content, with the first solutions focused on disadvantaged users.
Chief executive Franco Bernabè says the facility flags Italy’s capabilities in ICT research, while advancing the telco’s need to “listen” to its network. “[T]elecom companies need to extrapolate precious pointers from the network regarding the potential directions in which the business is likely to evolve,” he explains.
Local welfare and social services outfits signed up to use the remote monitoring systems developed by the lab will initially offer care and support to elderly citizens in their homes.