Telecom Italia lays off 3,900 workers

Italy’s largest carrier Telecom Italia has reached an agreement with the country’s communications union SCL CGIL over the redundancies of 3,900 workers.
The deal, unveiled this morning, puts an end to a two year standoff and will see an additional 2,220 workers that Telecom Italia hoped to remove without any protections, moved to so-called “solidarity contracts,” the union said.
Workers will be offered lower pay and working hours, Bloomberg reported.
"We have shown we can handle difficult situations with balance and without resorting to layoffs," Emilio Miceli, secretary general of the SLC CGIL, said in a statement.
The union and Telecom Italia will present the resolution to Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development and Labor Minister Maurizio Sacconi today.
Telecom Italia has proposed total redundancies of 5,720 workers by 2012 according to the union.