Telefonica moves into digital security

Telefonica is promising a fresh approach to digital security at a time when concerns over the ability of traditional approaches are raised.
The Spanish telco is launching Eleven Paths, a subsidiary of Telefonica Digital the firm claims will radically alter the way security products are developed. The new firm is staffed by engineers from security firm Informática 64, and is focusing on threats including bring your own device, online fraud and electronic crime.
“The digital world is changing the rules and security services need to adapt to this new challenge very fast,” says Chema Alonso, chief executive of Eleven Paths. “Security must be a key pillar of internet and services architecture from the beginning.”
Matthew Key, chief executive of Telefónica Digital, says threats to data security are becoming more sophisticated as more data is “held and accessed in the cloud.”
His view is echoed by Rob Rachwald, senior director of research at security firm FireEye, who last week told the number of cyber attacks has increased 6.5 times since 2006 and that traditional defenses aren’t coping with a new breed of attacks.
FireEye previously reported companies now face a cyber threat that has evaded their legacy defenses once every three minutes.