Telefónica's O2 encourages users to shape new services

Telefónica's O2 UK will offer customers the ability to test new services prior to launch in an effort to improve customer satisfaction.

Interested O2 UK customers can become part of the beta test programme, called 1st Edition, with the aim that they can collaboratively shape new O2 services before they are launched. O2 UK CEO Ronan Dunne said in a statement that the first service to be tested using 1st Editions will be its recently announced VoIP service, O2 Connect, which allows smartphone users to make calls over Wi-Fi hotspots using their mobile number.

The first 1,000 O2 customers that agree to become part of 1st Editions will be able to test the VoIP Connect service for free.

"Customers today expect and enjoy being able to be part of a live dialogue to help improve products 'on the go,'" Dunne said. "1st Edition presents an opportunity to ignite conversations with our customers and enable them to shape our products and services through hands-on feedback. It will also be a key business driver for innovation and help increase our speed to market in an increasingly crowded marketplace."

Those involved with 1st Edition will be able to test branded applications from the Android, Apple, BlackBerry and other app stores. O2 UK has committed to provide feedback and information on the latest releases on the 1st Edition website.

The company says that 1st Editions will also be rolled out across Telefónica Europe's other markets in the coming months

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