Telekom Slovenije loses marketshare

Telekom Slovenije has registered a lower market share in the first quarter in fixed and mobile telephony, as well as in broadband internet access market, according to Slovenia's Agency for Post and Electronic Communications (APEK).

In the broadband internet access market, Telekom's share fell 4%, year-on-year, to 49.2%. Second place T-2 increased its market share to 16.8%, followed by Amis (8.8%), UPC Telemach (8.3%) and Tus Telekom (3.2%).

On the mobile front, Telekom Slovenije's Mobitel is still market leader with 63.8%, although it lost 5% share. Simobil was second with 26.2% (up 24.1%), followed by MVNOs Debitel (5.4%), Izimobil (2.5%) and Tusmobil (1.5%).

Telekom Slovenije remained the leader in VoIP with a 47.9% share.

In fixed telephony, IP telephony doubled its market share to 17.3% on the year.

In the IPTV market, Telekom Slovenije gained a 60.4% market share, down by over 3% on the year, followed by T-2 (36.3%), Amis (2.4%) and Tus Telekom (1%).

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