Telenor unifies European operations

Telenor is putting Kjell-Morten Johnsen in charge of a new European division covering its operations in Central and Eastern Europe, Sweden and Denmark.
Johnsen is taking on the role of executive vice president and head of Telenor’s European operations, following a successful stint as managing director of its Serbian business – which grew operating profit 24 million Kroner (€3.1 million) year-on-year in 1Q12.
Group president and chief Jon Fredrik Baksaas explains the new European division is necessary to “industrialise the European operations,” which he considers a key challenge for the firm.
That ‘industrialization’ involves building on the common ground shared by Telenor’s current businesses in the region, Johnsen says. “All our European operations are well positioned on their own merits, but there will be a key priority to continue to pursue the great potential for further cooperation across the region,” he notes.
However, Telenor Norway isn’t included in the new regional plan, and will continue to be headed up by Berit Svendsen, a member of the group’s executive management team. Johnsen’s appointment also means executive vice president Kristin Skogen Lund will now focus solely on her role as head of digital services and broadcast, relinquishing her position as head of Swedish and Danish operations.
The reorganization comes in the wake of the resignation of chairman Harald Norvik and Jan Erik Korssjøen, chairman of Telenor’s Corporate Assembly, following government criticism of the handling of the sale of the firm’s TV2 subsidiary.