TeliaSonera proposes new chairman

TeliaSonera has proposed to elect Teknikföretagen CEO Anders Narvinger as chairman of the company's board.
Narvinger will leave Teknikföretagen - the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries – on June 30. He has previously served as CEO of ABB AB, and is currently the chairman of three boards and a member of three others.
Current chairman Tom von Weymarn has declined to be re-elected. The two directors have also refused re-election, and their replacements have been nominated.
Shareholders will convene on April 7 to vote on the nominees, as well as the company's proposal to leave board remuneration levels unchanged.
TeliaSonera operates the first live LTE network. But preliminary performance reports from this early stage of the network's lifespan indicate that the network is not living up to its speed promises.
Management consulting firm Northstream, one of TeliaSonera's first LTE customers, has conducted a number of speed tests, finding that both in and directly outside its offices, downlink speeds never exceeded 12-Mbps.
“But what really reminded us of the early days we’re still in were the rather frequent drops in service, even at locations where the signal strength indicators were maxed out just a second earlier,” the company said in a blog post.  The signal also failed to permeate some areas of the office.
But Northstream added that latency was low compared to 3G networks, the network managed an impressive 5-Mbps uplink and setup was easy.
“Considering that Rome wasn’t built in a day, our first LTE experience is a very positive one. It works, and that’s respectable,” Northstream said.