TeliaSonera's LTE network does deliver on promises

TeliaSonera's Swedish LTE network speeds do live up to the operator's promises, despite early reports to the contrary, according to Swiss network quality measurement firm SwissQual.
The company achieved downlink throughputs up to 47-Mbps, and TCP latency as low as 10 ms – five times the performance typically seen in 3G HSPA+ networks.
To ensure speeds weren't limited by bottlenecks at any stage, SwissQual used its own diversity optimizer solution, Samsung's Kalmia LTE modem, and connected to the Swedish Internet Infrastructure Foundation's server.
“The performance that we have recorded is really impressive and sets a new baseline for mobile high speed data services,” SwissQual product manager Magnus Hylen said.
But he added that there were still kinks to be worked out in the brand new network.
“We saw regular disconnects and modem restarts, [although] this is something we have experienced with all new mobile technologies during the early phases of the rollout.”