Thais at it again...

Thailand's Information and Communications Technology Ministry says it is unsure whether Thaicom (formerly Shin Satellite) can legally launch its next bird, Thaicom 6. So it is seeking the opinion of the Office of the Attorney General. But wait:  The ICT has investigated Thaicom's contractual status.  And it appears from a committee report that yes indeed, a new contractual obligation needs to be inked for Thaicom 6.  But it will check with the OAG first. Enter Thaicom.  Thaicom says its current concession does not permit it to launch Thaicom 6. Oh, and while it's at it, it says it will launch Thaicom 6 only if its current concession is extended by 15 years from 2021. Such is the bureaucratic red tape we've come to expect from Thailand.   

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