THUS links UK to Iceland's green server farms

THUS has signed a £12 million (€10 million) agreement to link the UK to FARICE, the underwater cabling network which links Iceland to the rest of the world. THUS is providing 200Gbps of capacity to support the anticipated growth in Iceland's "˜green' data centres and server farms that use natural geothermal and hydro-electric sources of energy.  
THUS will initially provide two 10x10Gbps network connections from Dunnet Bay, in Northern Scotland, to the London Telehouse. These connections will be used to carry data and internet traffic for FARICE customers, typically multi-nationals who have elected to locate their data centres and servers in Iceland to take advantage of lower cost, greener power.
THUS will deploy Dense Wave Division Multiplexing solution that can be expanded to 720 Gbps when needed.