Time Warner Telecom's losses narrow

Data provider Time Warner Telecom's first-quarter loss narrowed considerably on a jump in demand for data and internet services, an Associated Press report said.

For the quarter ended March 31, Time Warner posted a loss of €607,000 (US$944,000) compared with a loss of €8.8 million (US$13.8 million) for the same quarter in 2007, the report said.

The per share figures reflect an increase of about 2% in the number of outstanding shares year over year.

Revenue rose 8% to €182 million (US$282.6 million), up from €168 million US$261.4 million) a year ago.

Revenue from data and internet services increased 33% to €59.7 million (US$92.8 million) as a result of higher Ethernet and IP-based product sales.