TM Forum, MEF to help plug $5bn revenue leakage

The mobile content industry loses $5 billion in potential income each year due to the incorrect reporting of revenue, according to two industry bodies which have joined forces to address this shortfall.

TM Forum and the Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) have established a team which will develop a set of sales reporting metrics to help address this issue.

"MEF's consultation on content sales reporting is designed to a best practice template that can be adopted within the industry," said MEF's policy and initiative director, Suhail Bhat.

"By building this first step on sales reporting metrics together with TM Forum, we hope to address specific issues around timeliness, relevance, accuracy and consistency of reports."

Over the long term, the organizations intend to address bigger-picture issues, such as the cost of rolling out content and media services across mobile networks. 

"The end goal is a win-win where the market for these sorts of services grows, losses are stemmed and profitability increases, said TM Forum CEO Keith Willetts. "It is critical that all the players in the value chain understand how to work together to tackle these challenges."