To boost sales, Nokia slashes prices of multimedia phones

Finland's Nokia cut prices of several of its more advanced multimedia phones by 5% to 10% on average in Europe, a Reuters report, quoting retailers and a source at a big UK operator, said.

The report said that in Finland, retailers had cut 20 euros to 30 euros off the price of older models such as music phone 3250 and smartphone 6680, and also slashed prices of newer models such as N73, N71 or N93 on average by 5% to 10%.

The Reuters report also quoted a source at a major British telecom operator as saying that Nokia had trimmed prices of its advanced N-series in an attempt to boost sales, which had been disappointing despite huge marketing expenses, and cut the price of the mass-market multimedia 3G phone 6233 by around 5 pounds ($9.29), even when it was already priced competitively.

The report said Nokia declined to comment on specific price cuts or on sales performance of the N-series, but Kari Tuutti, spokesman for the multimedia unit said, 'we are continuously changing prices of our products to follow their lifecycle. When prices are changed, they are changed globally.'

Nokia is in the so-called closed period in the run-up to third-quarter results this week, the report further said.