Tokyo unveils first satellite multimedia service for taxis

Japanese company Mobile Broadcasting and Sapporo-based taxi company Daikoku Kotsu will introduce MobaHO!, the world's first satellite digital multimedia broadcasting service for personal and mobile device use, for taxi customers this month, Japanese media reports said.

The reports said taxis would be equipped with LCD monitors, which came with an internal speaker and were placed on the headrest of the passenger seat.

The service will provide taxi customers with a variety of programs such as real-time news, genre-specific music programs and overseas FM radio through 37 audio channels, and seven video channels including news, sports, and entertainment.

All programs include 'taxi ads' as well.

Providing around 40 channels of programming, the service is the world's first satellite digital multimedia broadcasting service for mobile use outdoors, indoors, and on the go.

It provides 30 audio channels, including overseas FM radio stations and genre-specific music programming, eight video channels, including news, sports, and entertainment programming, and approximately 50 data-service titles.

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