TRaC Global clear for medical device tests

UK-based test house TRaC Global claims to be the first in the country approved to certify remote medical monitoring devices for the Continua Health Alliance.
The approval also makes TRaC the only test house in the world approved to test devices by the health alliance, the ZigBee Alliance and Bluetooth Special Interest Group, which are developing the wireless technologies utilized by Continua. The test firm will now commence work on medical devices including monitors for blood pressure and heart rate, according to Continua specifications.
TRaC director, Paul Russell, says the deal makes his firm a “one stop shop,” by removing the need “for separate test houses for ZigBee and Bluetooth technologies.”
The Continua Alliance is a global, non profit, organization established to boost interoperability between remote health devices, gateways and smartphones by formulating global standards and specifications.

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