Travel websites hit by UK snow

Virtual transport infrastructure in the UK is being as hard hit by snow as its physical counterpart, web and mobile cloud testing firm Keynote claims.
The firm states that websites for train services are being delayed by the sheer volume of traffic as commuters log on in their droves to get the latest travel information. Problems encountered by the pages include slow load times, and general poor availability.
One operator’s total success rate average came in at 83.1%, but the lowest rate within that was 56.25%. Another operator’s page slowed down, typically taking 13.3 seconds to respond to requests to access the page, Keynote’s analysis reveals.
“[I]t’s surprising that commuters are facing the same service disruption online as they are on their train platforms,” notes Robert Castley, lead solutions consultant at Keynote.
Castley says train operators must prepare as much for online problems as physical when poor weather strikes. “Transport companies should anticipate an influx in site traffic and should prepare by load-testing their sites to ensure that commuters can access the information they need to plan their journeys.”