Trials prove HSPA+ can deliver on its promise

During HSPA+ field trials on its Spanish 3G network Vodafone achieved actual peak data download speeds of 16Mbit/s using the 64QAM technology. Later this year Vodafone plans to hold further trials using the HSPA+ MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) solution which should deliver peak download rates of 21Mbit/s. Peak download rates do not necessarily reflect real-life conditions but Vodafone believes it can deliver a typical video download experience of more than 13Mbit/s and an average of 4Mbit/s across a range of different cell locations including urban environments.

If the trials prove a success, Vodafone plans to make this technology available in selected commercial networks. The trials were carried out in cooperation with Ericsson and Qualcomm. Commercial launch of HSPA+ would require new handsets and Vodafone says it is working with partners to develop these new devices. Australia's Telstra launched an HSPA+ network in 2006 which is theoretically capable of delivering download speeds of up to 21Mbit/s.

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