Trio win €1b NBN Co fiber deals

Australia's NBN Co has awarded A$1.6 billion (€1.1 billion) worth of infrastructure contracts for the government's A$39 billion national fiber network rollout.
The company has awarded passive optical infrastructure deals to Corning, Prysmian and Australia's Warren & Brown, claiming the contracts will create at least 450 new jobs and result in the expansion of each company's Australian presence.
US-headquartered Corning will supply aerial cables and cable sheathing in a five year deal worth up to A$1.2 billion, while Milan-based Prysmian scored an A$300 million deal to provide underground cabling for the project.
Warren & Brown, the only Australian firm included in the trio of contracts, will provide optical distribution frames and sub-racks, in an initial deal worth A$50 million. The maximum value of Warren & Brown’s contract is A$110 million over five years.
All three firms have pledged to increase local production facilities and take on new staff as a result of the deals.
NBN Co was cleared to proceed with the orders after Australia’s government won a key political battle to pass legislation required to split incumbent telco Telstra late last year.
The NBN is an A$39.3 billion federal government project to connect 93% of Australia's population with fiber connections of up to 1Gbps and serve the remainder of the country with wireless and satellite technologies.