TTK triples Eurasia cable bandwidth

Russian carrier TTK has nearly tripled bandwidth on its trans-Siberian EurasiaHighway cable.

It has added another 70Gbps on the terrestrial cable to take total capacity to 110Gbps, the company announced Monday.

It has also increased the capacity between Hong Kong and Zabaikalsk – on the Chinese-Russian border – from 27.5Gbps to 42.5Gbps, and has boosted international transit capacity from 40Gbps to 110Gbps.

It increased the size of its London PoP ten times and its Hong Kong PoP by five times.

Igor Kelshev, senior vice president for international operations, said the upgrade would meet growing demand from Asian and European customers. He says the company is bullish on the outlook for the sector “because we are looking at how our partners and customers are growing.”
TTK, the second largest Russian fixed-line player and a subsidiary of Russian Railways, opened the EurasiaHighway cable in 2004 – the sole terrestrial link between Asia and Europe. It offers latency of less than 200 milliseconds between Asia and Europe at a premium price.