Turkcell LTE-A approaches 900-Mbps

Turkish incumbent Turkcell claims it has set a national mobile data speed record after hitting nearly 900Mbps in 4G lab tests.
The operator achieved a maximum data rate of 891.6Mbps in the trial of LTE-Advanced technology, which it says is a Turkish record and places it on a list of a handful of carriers that have achieved similar speeds. The firm says the test shows mobile web users could download a 2GB movie in 18 seconds, a 150MB video in 1.3 seconds, and a 10MB photo in 0.1 seconds.
Sureyya Ciliv, Turkcell’s chief executive, says the trial maintains the firm’s status as a technology pioneer – a role that has seen it make mobile internet mainstream through its 3G network, and deploy a fixed network capable of delivering 1,000Mbps.
“We wanted to share our work on LTE Advanced, or the highest level of 4G technology, which will enable these speeds,” Ciliv says.

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