Turkcell refutes €180M tax demand; KPN takes control of FTTH operator

> Turkcell said it should not have to pay a tax demand and fine totaling around €180 million ($245 million) that it recently received from the government. Article

> After the unravelling of its Seychelles deal, Batelco has also agreed to unwind its Monaco deal with Cable & Wireless Communications. Article

> KPN said it has taken control of its FTTH operator Reggefiber after it increased its holding to 60 per cent at a cost of up to €161 million ($219 million). Release

> Wearable technology is expected to be one of the dominant themes at next week's Consumer Electronics Show, but there is scepticism that much of the hype will translate into actual products that people want. Article

And finally…Vodafone Egypt has been forced to defend itself against accusations that one of its advertisements featuring a puppet conveyed messages over a secret bomb plot. Article