Twitter signs up with Melbourne IT

Twitter has selected Australian domain name registrar Melbourne IT,  to manage its global domain name portfolio.

The two-year contract was secured as part of the ASX-listed company’s international expansion activities in its North American office. Melbourne IT is offering its Portfolio Management services, including the renewal of existing domain names and registration of new names in addition to access to a secure online portal for the client to track orders and manage critical domains is also part of the deal.

Melbourne IT CEO Theo Hnarkis said  “companies with a significant internet presence recognize the value Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services delivers, as a leading provider of digital brand management and protection services.”

Melbourne IT did not disclose the value of the contract but admitted that it was relatively small compared to other clients that hold in excess of 10,000 domains.

The move suggests however that the mico-blogging site may be branching into Twitter branded “vanity” domain names, following Facebook’s recent moves in that area. It may also be part of Twitter’s strategy to clean up faux Twitter accounts and curtail cyber- squatting or perhaps be part of a monetization strategy.