tyntec makes mobile OTT Play

Mobile interaction firm tyntec claims a partnership with Polish cellco Play breaks new ground by showing that mobile operators can compete in the over the top (OTT) market.
The firm plans to use virtual mobile numbers provided by Play to offer two way cloud telephony and SMS services to web firms, enterprises, and app developers that are seeking a move into the country. tyntec claims the approach demonstrates that mobile operators can utilize core assets to play an active role in the OTT market, generate new traffic streams and revenues, and maintain control of web and OTT traffic.
Services available through the partnership include free or low-cost calling and SMS, the addition of SMS and phone numbers to VoIP services, and adding an extra phone number to a single SIM.
tyntec chief, Steve Liddell, says the deal gives Play “the opportunity to drive huge volumes of web-originated telecoms traffic across its network, providing new revenue opportunities from outside of its established customer base as well as a strategic entry point into the OTT market.”
A study by research firm mobileSquared suggests cellcos could generate revenues of $30 billion between 2012 and 2016 by providing OTT-style services that utilize mobile numbers.