U.K. Mobile games market threatened by incompatibility

A third of mobile games paid for and downloaded by users in the U.K. fail to work owing to compatibility issues, according to mobile application developer GetJar.

Figures from the market research firm GfK claim that the mobile gaming market was valued at £83 million in 2007, which would mean that U.K. mobile games users spent £29 million on downloads that didn't work.

"This is an important challenge for the mobile entertainment industry, for developers and for the operators which supply the vast majority of games in the U.K.," said Ilja Laurs, founder and CEO of GetJar. "By bringing more detailed testing into the development process, developers and operators could iron out many of the compatibility issues without having a negative impact on development process or costs."

Laurs claimed that users tended to blame themselves for a compatibility failure and therefore do not actively pursue a refund.

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