UK broadband: fight for your right to speed

A new website will help local government and community activists to get better broadband services in their areas. They will be able to use it to identify local needs and develop the strategies to bring "superband" speeds to the whole UK.

Visitors to the Point Topic "BroadBand Geography" site will be able to click on a map of the UK and see how much broadband there is in each of the 12 government regions and nations and the 434 local authority areas.

For every one of these areas the site shows the number of consumer and business broadband lines, the take-up of broadband per household and per head of population, and the proportion of homes in the area which can get the higher broadband speeds.

The site dynamically calculates and displays the data as colour-coded maps, bar charts or straightforward numerical tables. Users can click easily between different views and geographies to explore the features of each area and how it compares with its neighbours and competitors.

A development version of the site is online now, accessible to anyone who registers, at  It has been created by broadband specialists Point Topic working with Gavurin.