UK company Neul rebuffs IEEE's new white space standard

The US-based IEEE standards body completed work last week on 802.22.1 and 802.22.2, which form part of the 802.22 standard for white space spectrum. The new standard, which defines how wireless broadband can interleave with other signals, is being positioned to provide rural broadband services through wireless regional area networks (WRANS). However, UK-based white space pioneer Neul, which is promoting a rival white space standard labelled Weightless, said it has no plans to adopt the IEEE standard. The company claims that the two standards do not compete at all, and that 802.22 is designed to support high-bandwidth, high-power terminals and a relatively small number of users per base station, whereas Weightless is aimed at M2M, which only needs a low-bandwidth, extremely low-power terminals and many thousands of devices per base station. Article