UK firm develops real wee games console

The gent’s toilet at soccer club Barcelona’s Neu Camp stadium tickled me because there were small balls and nets in the urinals to keep a fella amused while relieving himself.
Now a UK firm has gone one better, developing a wee-controlled computer console for the gent’s restroom. Captive Media’s device sits above the porcelain bowl and works out where a guy is aiming using an infrared sensor.
Or, as the BBC puts it, the system sets up “a rudimentary ‘joystick’”.
Users can choose from a skiing challenge or a pub quiz, and can even post their scores on Twitter via their mobile phone.
There is a technical side to this, with Captive Media claiming their device is better than a rival Japanese product due to the use of infrared and the decision to install the sensor in the console rather than toilet bowl. That means the system can be fitted to existing urinals, not just new builds.
The consoles can also be used to display adverts. While LCD-based ads are not uncommon in the modern gent’s convenience, the Captive Media model offers the venue itself advertising space and a veto over which third-party adverts are shown.
My only real worry is the potential for the breakdown of toilet etiquette. Currently us gents don’t speak to one another while in the toilet, and certainly don’t let our eyes deviate from the task in hand.

The console, though, creates the likelihood that a crowd of fellow men will gather around you to help with your game – particularly in the case of the pub quiz. I wonder if such attention won’t just put a few guys off their game?