UK mobile broadband connections exceed fixed-line by 2011

UK mobile broadband connections are forecast to surpass fixed line broadband connections by 2011, according to research due to be released later in the week.
The report from MobileSquared, projects that the number of active 3G devices in the UK will be 36.3 million in addition to 6.4 million embedded devices, which takes the total number of mobile broadband connections to 42.7 million  by 2011. "Mobile will become the primary access point for brands and businesses communicating with its consumers within two years," said MobileSquared chief analyst Nick Lane.
The report forecasts the number of mobile internet users in the UK will top 32 million by 2014, but suggests that this figure could be reached earlier if carriers adopt simplified data pricing.
"Data pricing in the UK is still confusing.The number of mobile internet users would expand even faster if mobile data pricing reflected existing models, such as variable pricing to appeal to the different demographics. The cash-poor, time-rich youth democratic cannot afford the flat-rata plans, so why not offer a data pricing concession to encourage adoption?"
Mobile content and services revenues in the UK is forecast to triple by 2014 from current revenues of £242.1 million(€268m). While internet-based mobile advertising is set to worth £83.7 million in 2014.