UK must plug £1.1b gap in broadband investment

Smart solutions that enable innovative, policy-driven pricing plans will drive new revenues that can boost the value of superfast broadband for operators as the UK looks to maintain a competitive edge in Europe.
However, a new research titled “Costs and Benefits of Superfast Broadband in the UK," commissioned by Convergys Smart Revenue Solutions and undertaken by the London School of Economics (LSE), also found a £1.-billion (1.37 billion euro) shortfall in infrastructure funding.
The paper suggests that innovation in telecommunications can generate significant savings and revenue increases. These financial returns can help stimulate the industry and provide a better economic outlook, if the funding gap identified for superfast broadband is plugged and government targets met.
Dr. Paolo Dini, senior research fellow at LSE, said that investment is clearly one challenge that needs to be overcome, but so too is encouraging further use of broadband and take-up among customers. “Smart solutions will help provide the insights that operators need to improve service offerings that drive greater use, not to mention the commensurate cost increases and efficiencies that are also generated.
Smart solutions such as billing, customer care and real time charging and policy solutions, can give service providers insights into customer behavior, which allow them to tailor service offerings that improve the customer experience in line with their demands and pricing expectations, ultimately generating greater revenue and reducing churn.