UK ranks 26th in the world by broadband speeds

The UK ranks 26th in the world by broadband speeds, according to a recent report from traffic management firm Akamai.

The average UK connection is 3.4-Mbps, far behind those from top-ranking South Korea, which boasts an average speed of 14.5-Mbps, V3 said. But the UK did beat neighbours Spain, France and Italy.

Around 73% of broadband connections in the UK are above 2-Mbps, but just 19% have speeds above 5-Mbps.
By comparison, an estimated 75% of Switzerland's connections are faster than 5-Mbps. The Swiss city of Lausanne also has the fastest broadband speeds in Europe, at 24-Mbps.
In a separate study, Oxford Brookes University professor Merlin Stone determined that an estimated 10.1 million people have switched broadband provider over the last two years.
Around 22% of broadband subscribers have switched providers over the past two years, with a third of the switchers blaming poor customer service for their decision to leave.
Over the same period, 18% have switched mobile phone provider, and the same percentage have switched fixed-line providers, the report states.