UK spectrum trades boost EverythingEverywhere

UK regulator Ofcom has spared EverythingEverywhere from losing a quarter of its spectrum by opening the door to spectrum trades in the country.
European regulators ordered Orange and T-Mobile to shed 25% of their UK spectrum when the firms combined their operations in the country to form Everything Everywhere in 2010, but the firm faced losing the proceeds of the sale if it clashed with a forthcoming 4G auction.
Ofcom’s new regulations allowing spectrum in the 900MHz, 1800MHz and 2100MHz bands to be traded means EverythingEverywhere will now be allowed to keep the cash raised in the sale, notes. Ofcom states the updated rules will enable all carriers in the country to more efficiently match spectrum to demand for voice and data services.
However, 3UK – the nation’s smallest carrier by spectrum allocation – claims the new regulations play into the hands of rivals. A spokesman told The Inquirer the regulator should have re-allocated spectrum itself to ensure a level-playing field.