UK survey finds mobile internet seen as a luxury

A survey carried out by OpenCloud of 1,000 UK consumers found over 80% of see call and text prices as the most important factors when looking for a new mobile phone, whereas two-thirds of respondents view social networking applications as luxury additions and non-essential.

Some 69% of respondents said that when money is tight, they reduce mobile internet-based applications, including social networking, first.

Consumers are also willing to jump ship to another operator, for the right bundle at the right price. Over half (59%) of consumers would look to move their mobile provider to downsize their bills, while a similar percentage would look to transfer to pre-pay services to limit costs.

The three most important factors for consumers seeking a new phone is handset price, call price and text price. Social networking applications were rated as extremely important by only 5.5% of respondents.


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