UK three strikes appeal necessary

UK lawmakers are finally showing common sense by allowing BT to appeal a judicial review of a three strikes law, a director at European fiber operator Interoute claims.
Lee Myall says the right to appeal the review of the country’s Digital Economy Act gives time to examine the intricacies of the law that was denied when it was rushed through parliament ahead of the 2010 general election – in particular the role of internet service providers in policing content copyright.
“The legislation provided a framework for Internet connections to be cut off, websites blocked and downloaders…sued if they downloaded illegal content,” Myall notes, adding. “The buck was effectively being passed to internet service providers, when the industry as a whole needs to take responsibility for the protection of online copyright.”
BT and TalkTalk challenged the law in July 2010, claiming it runs contrary to European Commission goals of a unified telecoms market and seeking clarification on how ISPs are meant to apply the new rules. However, the challenge was rebuffed in April and the pair given no leave to appeal that decision.
The pair now hope to have their day in court quickly, after the ruling against an appeal was overturned on October 7, The Guardian reports.
Myall believes change is necessary to account for the fact the Internet is now the “main vehicle for content distribution.” He argues that content owners “need to invest in digital technologies to protect content at the source.”