UK TV survives 4G test

A mobile operator-funded research group claims 4G services will cause less interference with freeview TV services than initially predicted.
at800 states tests of potential interference at 22,000 homes in two UK towns flagged 15 problems with TV reception compared to the 120 it forecast. The operator group conducted the tests to address concerns that 4G services in the 800-MHz frequency may interfere with freeview TV signals, which use an adjacent part of the band.
All of the problems flagged up were in TV systems using signal amplifiers, and were solved by fitting a filter that blocks 4G signals in the 800-MHz band from reaching TV tuners, but not mobile phones.
Simon Beresford-Wylie, chief executive of at800, says the small scale test will be used to improve the organization’s forecast model and the way it tackles problems. “Further extensive evaluation will occur during April and May as masts are switched on for tests across larger urban areas.”