Universal Music files lawsuit against MySpace on "

Universal Music Group sued MySpace.com, claiming the online social-networking hub illegally encourages its users to share music and music videos on the site without permission, an Associated Press report said.

The report said the recording company is seeking unspecified damages, including up to $150,000 for each unauthorized music video or song posted on the Web site.

The lawsuit is the latest legal salvo in a wider conflict between established media against Internet companies whose technology is challenging the traditional ways music, video and other content are distributed and consumed, the report added.

In its complaint, filed in US District Court, Universal Music contends MySpace, a unit of News Corp., attempts to shield itself from liability by requiring users agree to grant the Web site a license to publish the content they upload to the site.

Users, however, have no such authority over works they don't own.

Universal contends that much of the media posted by users of MySpace is not user-generated at all, but actually music and videos stolen from copyright owners.

MySpace issued a statement saying it is in full compliance with copyright laws and is confident it will prevail in court.