US court sides with Broadcom in patent case

An appeals court upheld a May 2007 jury verdict that Qualcomm violated two of Broadcom's patents, an Associated Press report said.

A third patent was found to be invalid, the report added.

A jury in Santa Ana, California, had found that Qualcomm violated patents on Broadcom technology used to help mobile phones process video, walkie-talkie conversations and hand off calls between different networks.

The patent related to video encoding technology was the one the appeals court later ruled to be invalid.

Broadcom also said the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit rejected Qualcomm's request for a new trial.

Alex Rogers, Qualcomm senior vice president and legal counsel, was quoted by the Associated Press report saying the results were 'mixed' for the company.

'Obviously we are pleased that one of the three patents was (held invalid),' he said.