US mobile web quality needs work

The majority of US consumers will pay a small fee to boost the quality of their mobile broadband service, according to mobile data service provider Acision.
An Acision-backed YouGov survey found that 63% of US mobile broadband users would stump up extra cash to boost their service, after finding that 74% had experienced problems with their browsing experience.
The biggest problem was slow connection speeds, reported by 60% of the 502 users surveyed, followed by poor network coverage (35%), lack of connectivity (29%), and dropped connections (29%).
Around three-quarters or respondents weren’t aware of any fair-use policies implemented by their carriers, however more than half would welcome even distribution of bandwidth to ease congestion, even if that means paying extra.
And 69% would accept optimization policies that boost video downloads and streaming, including downsizing the video to cut interruptions in playback.
Steven van Zanen, senior vice president of marketing at Acision, said consumers “are beginning to realize that mobile broadband is not an infinite resource,” and welcome operator efforts to define fair usage and optimize video services.