US net users watched a record 21b online videos in July

US internet users watched a record 21.4 billion videos online in July, overwhelmingly using Google sites to do so, according to ComScore.
Around 158 million US citizens – over half of the population – watched an average of 135 videos during the month, ComScore said
Google sites made up 42% of all videos viewed online, with YouTube accounting for 99% of all Google's traffic. Google had around 121 million unique US viewers, which watched over 8.95 billion videos.
Media conglomerate Viacom Digital placed a distant second, with a 3.8% share of the market and 812.3 million videos served. Microsoft took third, with 3% and 630.6 million videos.
Google users also watched more videos than users of its closest competitors. Google users watched an average of 74.1 videos during the month, compared to 9.8 videos per viewer for Microsoft sites.
Competing ratings company Nielsen also tracks online video usage, and estimated that 135.9 billion US users watched 11.2 billion streams in July, Mashable said

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