US official slams China on 3G standard

Secretary of the US Department of Commerce Carlos M. Gutierrez criticized China for delaying the creation of a 3G wireless network in that country, saying it is thwarting global technology innovation by not embracing standards, an InfoWorld Daily report, said.

The InfoWorld report quoted Gutierrez as saying that companies around the world must support common standards to promote a worldwide environment for technology innovation, not have their own 'pockets of standards.'

He used China, where the government continues to hold out on granting licenses to build 3G networks, as an example of that misstep, the report said.

'When a government uses its heavy hand to decide what is best for its citizens, it warps the marketplace,' Gutierrez was quoted as saying. 'We look with great concern when any country obstructs or hinders competition.'

China has delayed plans to build a 3G network for several years, he said. Many believe it is because the government wants to promote its own homegrown 3G standard, called TD-SCDMA, instead of embracing a version of CDMA, on which other countries have built or are building 3G networks.