US security firm warns users on fake Google tool bar

Computer hackers have built a fake Google Tool Bar Web site to trick people into downloading a malicious program that could turn machines into 'zombies,' according to a US Internet security firm quoted in an AFP report.

The AFP report said emails containing Internet links to the bogus Web site and invitations to download Google tool bar software began circulating this week, according to SurfControl of northern California.

The phony Web site was a replica of the real one provided by the Internet search firm, the report said.

The report said instead of the promised tool bar software, the site duped people into downloading a 'Trojan,' malicious computer coding hidden inside a seemingly harmless offering, according to SurfControl.

The 'malware' was designed to let hackers take control of infected computers via the Internet, SurfControl said.

Google did not respond to a request for comment, the AFP report further said.