US startup unveils mobile Web video services

California startup mywaves officially launched a service that lets users design their own video channel lineup for on-the-go entertainment, an Associated Press report said.

The Associated Press report said mywaves "quietly" released its test version in October and has been attracting more than 20,000 new users per week since, the company said.

CNN news clips and YouTube videos would be accessible through the service, which works across wireless carriers with high-speed data networks, the report said.

The mywaves service is free, but users need a data plan with their carrier and must pay for related data-traffic fees.

The company says the service, which uses a Java-based software program, works with most video-capable mobile phones. A notable exception would be some smart phones that don't yet support Java-based Web applications and video streaming.

Mywaves founder and CEO Rajeev Raman said he is confident the mywaves service is legal, but other video-sharing services are facing potential lawsuits over videos that violate copyrights.