US to drop comms spend by $5bn in 2009‾

US spending on Pay-TV, Broadband, and Mobile Services will remain roughly the same for most consumers, but about 15% intend to cut back.

As a result, In-Stat estimates that consumer spending across these three segments could see nearly a $5 billion decrease during the next 12 months. Yet In-Stat's recent survey reveals that broadband service is among the most integral parts of consumers' lives. Over 66 million consumers across demographic categories are using the internet while camped out on their sofas watching TV.

Some male age groups had 40% to 50% of respondents using a PC while watching TV, and about 30% of females under the age of 40 are also using a PC while watching TV.

New approaches using online web portals synchronized to a TV program will continue to develop, because they present no new costs. Cable TV operators also face increasing competition from lightweight services that deliver popular cable programming, supplemented by content delivered via broadband.'

Research by In-Stat found:

"¢ consumers are multitasking while watching TV, although this varies significantly depending on demographic characteristics;

"¢ several companies are identifying new opportunities to 'marry' TV to people simultaneously viewing a related web site, and transform the web into a 'lean back' (as opposed to a hunched over a screen) experience;

"¢ cheap netbook PCs, could represent a $2.4 billion opportunity;

"¢ the biggest decrease in spending on mobile, broadband and pay TV services will be from households with income below $35,000.