Vatican goes for Korean mobile TV standard

The Vatican has decided to adopt a Korean mobile TV platform, dubbed terrestrial digital multimedia broadcasting (T-DMB), as its standard for mobile-based TV services, a report from the Korea Times said.

According to the report, the Ministry of Information and Communications said Vatican Radio had already started the pilot run of T-DMB across the city-state.

T-DMB enables people on the road to enjoy seamless video, CD-quality audio and data through in-car terminals or handheld devices such as cellular phones.

The report said South Korea had gone all-out to encourage the Vatican to adopt T-DMB. In February, President Roh Moo-hyun presented 100 T-DMB-enabled terminals when he visited the world's smallest independent nation.

The Vatican also has a reason to deploy T-DMB instead of DVB-H, which was developed by the world's top handset manufacturer Nokia. The two are now competing to become the mainstream platform for European mobile broadcasting, the report said.