Verizon expands EU 100G network

US telco Verizon has extended its European 100G network by 2,600-km during 2012, as traffic demand continues to grow in the region.
The operator has added two new routes between London, UK, and Paris, France, that, when combined with an existing network between Paris and Frankfurt in Germany, have created a ring of 100G networks.
Kyle Malady, senior vice president of global network operations and engineering at Verizon, says the resulting increase in capacity and efficiency will help the telco meet growing “video traffic, LTE 4G growth and cloud usage.”
The firm’s 100G network will also enable it to consolidate transport traffic and offer fixed and mobile services on a converged core network, a statement reveals.
Verizon hasn’t forgotten its home market, however, with its 100G network in the US extended by 20,921-km during 2012.