Verizon, Google close sealing to mobile search deal

US giant Verizon is nearing an agreement with Google on a wide-ranging partnership, the Wall Street Journal said, citing sources.

The deal under discussion would make Google the default search provider on Verizon devices and give it a share of ad revenue, the paper, quoted by a Reuters report, further said.

The deal is not yet final and the two sides are still negotiating on key issues, such as Google's desire to save information from user cellphone searches, it added.

The online search giant has reportedly been in talks with the number-two US mobile carrier over a possible alliance for almost a year now, the Reuters report said.

Verizon and Google are hoping to conclude the discussions in the next few weeks and the mobile carrier eventually wants to put the Google search bar on the home screen of its phones, the paper said.

Both Verizon and Google were not immediately available for comments.