Verizon, Google urge light touch in US broadband regs

Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Ivan Seidberg, CEO of Verizon, have jointly urged the FCC to take a light touch when it comes to US broadband regulation.
The executives joined forces to pen an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal about the FCC's new broadband plan.
In the missive, the CEOs urged the FCC to continue its relative hands-off policy.
“The Internet has thrived in an environment of minimal regulation. While our two companies don't agree on every issue, we do agree generally as a matter of policy that the framework of minimal government involvement should continue,” the article states.
Schmidt and Seidenberg both praised the proposal for its calls to make advances in healthcare IT, education and job training, as well as its emphasis on providing the US with “the highest-quality broadband available” and on improving access for off-line Americans.
This is the second time the telecom industry heavyweights have joined forces to urge the FCC to go easy on broadband regulation.
In October, Schmidt and Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam penned a blog post calling for lawmakers to do the same around the area of net neutrality - an issue about which Google and Verizon are otherwise firmly on different sides of the fence.
“While we do disagree quite strongly about certain aspects of [neutrality] policy... we're in wild agreement that in this rapidly changing Internet ecosystem, flexibility in government policy is key,” the blog post states. 
“Policymakers sometimes fall prey to the temptation to write overly detailed rules, attempting to address every possible concern. This can have unintended consequences.”